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#06: LaborFest! Brian Dolber On The Politics Of The Gig Economy (07/25/18)
In a time of steadily diminishing returns in what remains of America’s labor market, some of the revenue generated by the data we input into sites like Google, Facebook, and more can and should be diverted to the public, according to Brian Dolber, a Media Studies professor at CSU San Martin. Here he is to tell you why, and then some.

As ideas like communism and socialism experience newfound surges in popularity during our current political moment, it’s more important than ever for Juggalos who would migrate farther to the left to know their red history.

#04: Legalize It! With The Councilman (04/06/18)
Former 2016 San Jose city council candidate and host of Echoplex Media's Downballot podcast talk about California's recent marijuana legalization victory, and what it means for the future of the state, and the country.

Several rounds after my interview with The Roughies frontman Patrick Kaufmann, he belted out this incredibly drunken and awesome rendition of "What's Your Plan For The Wasteland?" that is not to be missed.

Before interviewing astrobiologist David Grinspoon about his current book, I first attended his lecture on the Anthropocene, an new geological epoch that implicates mankind in the shaping of our planet's development like few ideas ever have.

The first episode of Pink Elephants featured a conversation between my father and I about his experience organizing unions. Before that, we spoke deeply on his life growing up in the South during the Civil Rights Movement, and why he left.

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