Friday, March 30, 2018


Sweet HayaH opening for funk legend Brenton Wood during
San Jose's 2017 Music In The Park series. (PHOTO: Ryan Keenan)

Nehal Abuelata. (PHOTO: Adam Brioza)
“Travel is the death of prejudice” it’s often been said, usually to those who could benefit from a healthy dose of the remedy. But the saying holds no less true for those whom travel has been an integral part of their life experience: America’s nearly fifty million immigrant peoples, many of whom crossed multiple countries to arrive here.

Nehal Abuelata is the singer and keyboardist for the band Sweet HayaH, and one of those fifty million immigrants for whom the United States is home only in name. Born in Egypt and raised in France, Nehal moved to the US in high school, as her parents sought better life opportunities for the family. A lifelong, albeit tenuous relationship with the piano provided her a gateway to community here where none had previously existed, and she’s been working it to the hilt ever since.

I recently sat down with Nehal to talk about her globe-trotted upbringing, how it has influenced her life and music, and what it means to be American when the definition is never said the same way twice.

Sweet HayaH – Te Tu Matas
Sweet HayaH – No Voice
Sweet HayaH – Yourself

Check out Sweet HayaH's first official music video
for their hit single "Backwards!"

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