Friday, April 21, 2017


The Today Show - paragon of the Fourth Estate that they are - were not to be outdone in the hippy-punching race to the bottom this week, as sentient-leather-handbag-turned-daytime-talk-show-host Kathy Lee Gifford was all, "Hey, Bill-O...hold my beer!" and made a mockery of Bill Nye The Science Guy during the show's Earth Day segment.

"Kathy Lee is so fetch."
Regina George called; she wants her eye roll back.

By way of explanation for this bullshit, I'm going to attempt to answer what I think was a rhetorical question left as a comment by one of the viewers:
"What's Kathy Lee's deal? What is it with that rudeness and classlessness? Doesn't fit the Today show at all."
It doesn't have to. Certainly not on Earth Day, and certainly not on daytime teevee, which is mindlessly consumed by America's freedumb-lovin' conservative base in roughly equal quantities to their regularly scheduled hate speech via Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, et al.

We can't know whether Kathy Lee was being a shit to Bill Nye on purpose, or whether she just really needed another gin and tonic to rid herself of the shakes. But what we can know - what we do know - is that, to quote the almighty Driftglass, "there is always money in the wingnut banana stand."

This fuckery will disappear into the collective memory hole within another day or two, but for the millions of mouth-breathing, Hovaround-ing, pre-diabetic-ing ingrates that happened to boot-scoot their way across this segment as it aired, I'm sure it was quite satisfying to watch the Gam Cam while Kathy Lee exasperated herself all over some pointy-headed intellectual who wanted to talk about floating raisins and shit.

If those same nitwits stuck around for the whole segment, then hey, it's job well done at the NBC studios, amirite people?

Panem et circenses pro omnis!

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